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Hello and welcome to my website. This site is mainly for me but if you so happen to stumble across it and you are reading this feel free to look around or email me telling me what you think.
My hobbies include pc gaming HTML coding and playing about with anything IT related. My dream is to join the Royal Air Force as a IT technician ( CYBERSPACE COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST )

Hobbies And Tools

This section is yet to be finished.

Joe Lanzon
In this section i will be adding some games that will work in HTML. some might need the unity webplayer in order to work.
I might be adding some games that i make here. these games might reqire to be downloaded and played there.

This section is yet to be finished.

Joe Lanzon
Here i will Twitch.TV channels that i like to watch .
so far this section is the most completed section out of all of them. you can view the channels i have added by clicking HERE

This section is yet to be finished. but I am working on this section at the moment. :)

Joe Lanzon
Click HERE to go to the Pictures Page. Here i will be adding the photos I create
Click HERE to go to the Graphics Page. Here I will be adding the pictures I create in Photoshop

Here are some tools that can help with day to day use of the web.

Designed for Joe Lanzon
This is also not finished and will not be done for a long while.
Thanks for understanding. Im sure I will add it sometime.

To Be honest im not sure what will go here but at least I have a slot free.

Joe Lanzon
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Work process

At the moment i am trying to add as many pages as i might need. after that i will be fixing all the fuck ups i have left behind. And finaly after that i will add in all of the pictures.

1. Add

2. Fix

3. Add again :3